10 Alternative Money-Saving Tips

Posted on 22. Mar, 2010 in Saving money

As the world faces the daily barrage of bad news about the economic downturn, we are all looking for ways to make our Pounds and Euros go further. What follows are 10 alternative money-saving tips that you can begin right now to help you face the economic crunch:

  1. Try homemade savings: Instead of buying everything at the shops, you might consider making things from scratch. This can be anything from soap to chocolate chip cookies. The savings you will experience are significant. Each week, make a commitment to yourself to make one thing from scratch, whether it is bread, pasta, cookies, or whatever else you like. Then take the money you save and put it into that savings account.
  2. Give up a little luxury: Do you enjoy takeaway food every week? Are you addicted to the pub on Saturday nights? Think about giving up one of your tiny luxuries each week so that you can put that extra cash into your savings coffers. It won’t hurt to make pizza at home and drink your pint in front of the telly.
  3. Turn off the lights: Whenever you are not using lamps or electronic equipment, turn them off. In addition, you should unplug the equipment to save further on the electric bill.
  4. Make your bathroom supplies go further: Before you toss that almost-empty shampoo bottle away, add a bit of water to it and make it last a few more days. And, when you buy cleaning products, forego the expensive brands and buy vinegar and bleach to take care of the problems. The simple products work just as well, are healthier, and are so much cheaper.
  5. Line-dry your clothes: Instead of using a dryer to take care of your laundry, put it out on the line and let it dry naturally. This will save money on energy costs, and it will also help the environment.
  6. Buy green kitchen appliances: Refrigerators and dishwashers with the Energy Saver label on them can help you cut back your energy costs by hundreds of Pounds or Euros every year. At the same time, you use fewer natural resources.
  7. Walk more: Instead of cranking up the car or scooter to head to work or school, walk or take the bus. You don’t have to walk to work every day, but if you do it only a few days a week, you will save on petrol costs and help the environment as well
  8. Think about solar power: Instead of using electricity to heat and cool your home, why not harness the power of the sun? While this may be an initial investment, solar panels pay for themselves in the long-run with the amount you will save each month on your electricity bill.
  9. Buy energy-saving light bulbs: Instead of using the expensive track lights, install the less expensive and more eco-friendly energy-saving light bulbs.
  10. Make your toilet low-flow: Installing a low-flow toilet will save you hundreds each year. And, if you don’t have the money to buy a new model, just add a small plastic drink bottle filled with water inside the tank in the corner. This will reduce the amount of water you need per flush.

There are ways to save money around every corner, and these are ten easy ways to help you get started!

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