Avoid These Car Buying Mistakes

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If you are thinking of buying a car whether you are buying a new car, buying a car with bad credit and looking for finance there are a few things that you should bear in mind before you either part with your cash right away or sign on the dotted line for credit. Most people don’t realize that they have made a bad mistake until it is way too late, which is why you should never rush in no matter how great the deal seems at the time. Always remember if it looks too good to be true, the chances are it really is.

Check Your Credit Score If You Are Thinking of Financing

If you have a low credit score then you may have already applied for credit and been refused. Before you fill out an application for any kind of loans in minutes you should first check your credit score as each time you apply for any type of finance and it is refused this can hinder your rating further. The same goes for buying cars with finance.


Should I Buy New or Used?

when you are going into the car buying market and thinking of buying a new car you should bear a few things in mind to make sure you are getting the most for your money. The first thing you need to remember is car depreciation. The second you take your new car from the lot it will lose up to $5,000 in value. Finance for buying a new car can put you in an even worse position especially if you have put a very small amount or nothing down as down payment. This is because the amount you are paying with APR will immediately take you over the original worth. People who are buying a car with bad credit often get caught in this trap only realizing how bad a deal they got when they have already signed for and driven away with their vehicle. Just buying cars that are a year older can dramatically reduce the amount you pay for them and still give you the same or similar warranty.

Do Your Research

Before delving into car buying straight away you should always do your research. Buying cars without doing so could leave you missing out on the best deal. Using a free website to get information on the make and model you want to buy can help you to finalize your decision and you can use the reviews from experts and other people just like you that already own the car to help you find out more than the advertisements and dealerships will tell you. Researching will also allow you to find a fair price for the type of car you want. Buying cars without doing your research first could cost you thousands.

If you are buying a car that is not new you should look into its VIN number which will give you the vehicle’s history. Even when buying a new car this is important as you don’t know what has happened during transportation. Buying a new car sounds like a way to avoid this but often cars that have been involved in natural disasters and fixed up aesthetically can be passed off as new because of their low mileage.

Taking out Finance

Whether you are new or used buying a car with bad credit or even good credit can leave you baffled when you search financing. The reason for this is that the dealer is likely to talk about how much you will pay per month rather than the overall price. In order to give you a deal that sounds great you will often be given a longer term deal which unfortunately means that you are paying more interest. Before buying a new car with credit you should first have an idea of how much you want to spend as a total rather than the amount each month as this will give you a better deal. Stick to your budget so you don’t end up out of pocket years down the line with a car that has depreciated severely in its original value.

Do You Really Need the Options?

You can get numerous options when buying a new car including undercoating, alarms,  tinting, leather seats and even chrome wheels. These are often sold at a price more than they are worth but at very little value to the people buying cars in the long term. It has been shown that making upgrades to premium models can in fact hinder resale value. What you think looks great may not be everyone else’s so when resale time comes you may struggle to find someone that is looking into car buying that will pay your asking price. If you really do want an upgrade instead of using the car salesperson ask around to see if another company will offer you the service for less.

Dealership Financing

Most people in the car buying market especially if buying a new car will be looking for finance to do so. Using dealership financing you will find that the rates are often higher especially for people buying a car with bad credit. Instead it is better to use an online auto lender and shop around for the best price. You could save money on your APR just by looking around and getting quotes of numerous providers.

Another option to help when you are buying a car is to get title loans in Las Vegas, however it can work out more expensive as a loan you take out from an auto dealer will be against your car. Without collateral a personal loan is likely to be more expensive. Dealership finance has in most cases proved to be better for those buying a car with bad credit.

Be sure you get your loan secured before you look into buying a car or buying cars for the family because this will give you a better guideline for negotiating a price when you visit dealerships or private sellers.

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