Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Can Stop Foreclosure and Eliminate Debts

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While using a credit card you often forget that you will have to pay off the debt too. That is the worst part of using a credit card actually which piles up the debt little by little till suddenly you realize a day what immense debt you are into. People who can pay off are good to go, but if you are into more burden than you may handle, and can’t pay off the debt even in small portions each month, the soon you may meet a foreclosure or collection notice tapping your door. That is the worst part of the story. When you are struggling to pay, while you have little income to barely meet your day to day needs, then also you always have a way to eliminate the debts.

How A Bankruptcy Lawyer Can Help

The best way is suggested after fully analyzing your state and case by a Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney. Once you receive a notice for foreclosure from your credit card company, do not take it lightly, and if you are afraid, then also don’t waste time to meet a bankruptcy attorney. A bankruptcy lawyer is the best person to help you eliminate your credit card debt. There are many law firms who have able lawyers, and one of the most reputed ones which always have won every case through its specialized bankruptcy lawyers is the Consumer Action Law Group. Here you will get attorneys who can instantly put a stop at the foreclosure attempts of your creditor by helping you file a chapter 13 bankruptcy.2

Benefit of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

This is a very interesting part of the bankruptcy declaration where you have all the benefits of enjoying the bankruptcy declaration while eliminating credit card debts. But whether you qualify for this or a chapter 7 will be decided after analyzing your state and income by your attorney. The bankruptcy attorney Los Angeles will help you file a chapter 13 so that you can reorganize your debts, and can pay off the debt if not the whole amount, in small fragment little by little.

Once you declare a bankruptcy and your creditor is informed of this, you can then get into a settlement with the creditor, where the lawyer will be there to help you with settlement, where you vow to pay a small portion of the debt which your income allows, gradually, to the creditor with modified terms. This help by buying time to pay off, and also saves you from a foreclosure and collection calls, notices and harassments. The first smart step to win the battle against the foreclosure is get advice by a foreclosure attorney.  

Consumer Action Law Group is an excellent law firm that can help you file Chapter 13 bankruptcy to eliminate debt and save your home from foreclosure.

If you live in California you can seek free legal advice from Consumer Action Law Group. They will take the time to evaluate your case and give you your best option as what debt to eliminate and what steps you need to take to eliminate debts or save your home.


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