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Valuemags has been in business for many years now offering customers magazine subscriptions for free and some other titles are paid. They even have affiliates they work with to get brand exposure. Since they are an online business, operating costs are reduced but you are now competing with other companies to get the public to notice you.

With the holidays around the corner, it is the time of year people are in a more generous mood. People tend to either give their time to a local charity or even donate food, money or toys to the less fortunate. But there are people down on their luck all year round and not just during the holidays. There is an article in this issue of Family Circle where the Ewen family has made it their mission to help these people all year round. Illina and Todd are parents to two young boys who have instilled the need for their family to give a helping hand when need no matter which month of the year it is.

Their children, Carter and Neal, now understand the importance of giving back to their community. Some organizations they gave monetary contributions to at a young age were the SPCA and the families of the fallen. Their morals and values are built on at a younger age. Valuemags knows the importance of telling stories like these since it motivates other families to do the same. The experiences and satisfaction you get from it is priceless. Illina did not plan on promoting this kind of lifestyle for her family. It was just a by-product of having a family and spending time with loved ones.

David Suzuki said a wonderful story about doing your part to get the cause. There was a fire in a forest and a hummingbird took it upon them to fly all the way down to the river, take one drop of water and go back to the fire to drop it on top. The other animals laughed and said its actions are useless. The hummingbird replied it is the best it can do. If everyone does the best they can do to help out against a certain cause, we can get much farther faster. It is up to the individual to understand the impact of their actions even though it may seem small. Valuemags supports articles like these and does their best to let the world know their inspirational stories.

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