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Published On July 20, 2016 | By admin | Featured

International marketing, also known as global marketing, is the process where companies advertise worldwide to create buzz about their product or service. Recently, Online Reputation Management has decided to start international marketing to broaden their customer market to improve their sales and overall international recognition.

Here are the various advantages of international marketing according to Online Reputation Management:

  1. Expanding their market – The biggest advantage for Online Reputation Management is to have a greater reach to people with the same needs but are not in the same geographic location. While smaller business can find international marketing harder because of the costs involve, a larger agency such as Online Reputation Management has the funds to support a larger market.
  2. Maintaining their own reputation – When Online Reputation Management expanded internationally, they realized they became a much more sought company by more diverse markets that they weren’t originally targeting. When companies are international, they are often perceived as excepting and open minded companies. In other words, people will be more willing to do business or buy from a company that has a better reputation and is perceived as a global citizenship company.
  3. Growing their global network – By participating in international marketing and a web that is greater than themselves, Online Reputation Management is also building connections. These connections will come in handy when expanding more or for other opportunities. Even for businesses, the saying still goes: it’s not about what you know but who you know.

Online Reputation Management has many more advantages to international marketing. The company has since captured the majority of their local market share and plans to expand that region by region. The ambitious company highly encourages other medium sized companies to explore international marketing options and grow on a larger scale.

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