Prostate cancer and treatment

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Prostate cancer is a disease developed in the old men in which their prostate glands tend to get bulged due to increase of cancerous cells in the gland. The main symptoms of developing this disease is that patients has troublesome urination, dizziness, pale skin, acute pain in the joints, back and pelvis. This ailment grows very gradually and the patient hardly gets to know the disease. He finally gets to know when he is succumbed to it.

High Intensity Focussed Ultrasound (HIFU) for treating Prostate cancer

What is hifu? HIFU is an advanced treatment developed to completely resolve the prostate cancer. In this mechanism, ultraviolet beam is focussed on the prostate gland that would shrink the cancerous cells and shape the prostate gland to normal size.

Advantages of HIFU 

HIFU is highly popular in treating prostate cancer and following are hifu advantages:

  • The patient recovers in a short span while patients tend to recover longer in longer time with other methods of treatments.
  • This treatment is highly safe and patients do not develop any side effects or allergies of any sort. The beam only concentrates on the prostate gland while other healthy tissues remain untouched.
  • The best part of the treatment is that it is non-surgical and the patient does not need to be hospitalized for treatment.
  • The success rate of this treatment is more than 90% and even if the patient develops prostate cancer again then HIFU can be repeated once again.

Cautions before the treatment

The patient must keep in mind some cautions before start getting with hifu is that he must see the doctor is qualified. The patient must keep in mind that he may need treatment longer than prescribed which depends on the shrinking of cancerous cells. The patients must give their body enough rest to recover faster before joining their usual work.

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