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Published On July 15, 2016 | By admin | Featured

Infinite Sound company have been a long time client for search engine reputation management and they will always continue to stay with them since they were there when the company first emerged into the music equipment industry. This company is well known for their percussions and hardware they manufacture. Their recent product they made was a double bass pedal called the Carbon Pedal. The entire pedal is made from a mixture of carbon and steel, which makes it the strongest pedal on the market. The Iron Cobra doesn’t even stand a chance when comparing durability but durability is not the main function of the pedal. The Carbon Pedal was designed for experienced drummers who enjoy playing various styles of music and this allows many options for customization.2

At the moment, this is probably the most expensive pedal but also, the best priced since you receive way more for the price. Search engine reputation management suggested the retail price should be $1300, the price is quite hefty; however, the durability is unmatched, the fluidity of direct drive link and this is the only direct drive pedal that has power behind every hit. Most other direct drive pedals lack power but the Carbon Pedal has power and speed. The reason why it was designed for experienced drummers is because it was made to have a perfect balance of power and speed, and only an experienced drummer can control this pedal. A beginner can always use this pedal but chances are they will give up since it will feel very difficult to progress. However, they do produce pedals for beginners to start with and to slowly move up the pedal hierarchy. Some drummers start off with the broken pedals and after learning some degree of control, they jump towards something like the Carbon Pedal.

It ultimately depends on the drummer and how he feels on any pedal he tries but this only applies to pedals that can be adjusted three different ways; Carbon Pedals can be adjusted more than nine ways for the drummer. Search engine reputation management knows this product can sell itself but all it needs is just a little exposure and it will gain traction within the drummer community. They need to hire a famous but skilled drummer to give their honest thoughts and opinions about the pedals in order to help boost the level of exposure they are seeking for right now. Hopefully, social media outlets and reviews sites will be another reliable source to promote the pedals to the community.

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