The Service Profit Chain

Published On June 28, 2016 | By admin | Finance

GWC Valves is an ambitious company that specializes in state of the art valves and is known for their customer service orientated initiatives. Although the company provides products, the bottom line is that they are also a service business. While serving customers, employees in customer service departments (front-liners) and consumers have an interaction which qualifies as the service.

A healthy interaction depends heavily on the experience and people skills that the front-line employee has as well as their support system within the company. To follow, a good service company, therefore any company should focus on their employees and their customers. That is what GWC Valves is known for.

The service profit chain theory is a marketing and finance theory that is used by many businesses more frequently. Essentially, profit is not based just on the happiness and satisfaction of consumers. It is also based on the happiness and satisfaction of employees. If employees are unhappy, they can provide poor customer service impacting company profits. This is all a chain effect, hence the theory’s name.

It is important to companies that strive for all types of success like GWC Valves, to know the five links of the service profit chain. The first is internal service quality. This link encompasses the employees and their work environment. Are they treated fairly? Do they receive proper training? Are they will supported in their work or have the proper resources to work efficiently?

The next link is whether a company has satisfied and productive service employees. Seeing as employees are well treated and work in a good work environment, are employees reciprocating with loyalty and hard work?

Following, a step which GWC Valves likes to emphasize in their training of customer service employees is greater service value. This link involves having the proper skills to make customers feel superior and that they are getting the absolute best treatment that they couldn’t find elsewhere.

The following two links are out of the company’s hands: loyal and satisfied customers and company growth. Once the customer service is provided, the customer will make up their as to whether or not the company in question deserves their clientele.

For this reason, GWC Valves is insistent on providing the absolute best treatment to their employees and customers so customers have no choice but to choose their service because it’s the best out there.

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