When is it time to have a resume built for me?

Published On June 27, 2016 | By admin | Business

In your journey down the road of life, you’ll most likely come upon a fork in the road so to speak, regarding the next choice for you and your career path, and you’ll need to know exactly how to handle that sort of situation when it comes up, or else fall by the wayside and lose focus.

Time to Shake Things Up!

What I’m talking about here is the jump from minimum wage jobs to a more “career-like” job in your life. In 2015, personal care and registered nurses increased in the number of available jobs in 2015, which is exactly the type of career you’ll need references and a resume to even apply.

Now, some of these jobs required additional education, and 30 years resume writer Martin Yate says “we really recommend always improving yourself throughout your career(s), so that you can ensure your value to the company you’re currently at, and your potential next one.”.

What you’ll need to do to make sure you’re prepared for this type of job is to have all of your documents prepared, have your references checked and handy, along with any additional information that potential employer may need to make a good decision about you and your qualifications.

Getting Prepared

As mentioned above, having a preparedresume either by yourself or a professional is a MUST HAVE. Along with that amazing resume, you’ll also need to have a great cover letter, verified and active references, and potential benefits / skillsets that you bring to the table for that specific type of job. If you do these things, and the other applicants don’t, you’ll have a fighting chance and getting hired.

A great resume should come with these things at a minimum:

  • Full Cover Letter
  • Neat & Tidy Resume that Promotes You for That Specific Job
  • Full Information & Contacts
  • Verified References
  • Optimized for Database Searches

If it seems like the items listed above aren’t as important to you, or you don’t think you need them for this job, then just close this window, because you’ve already got the job!

Otherwise take your time, be organized and double check your resume, cover letter and references for accuracy. One small mistake could be the reason you didn’t get hired, with employers sometimes looking at over 100 resumes a day when looking for new applicants.

Hiring managers have a lot to do, so whatever you can do to make your resume more noticeable to them all the better. Not to mention having something this powerful ready and waiting to be copied when looking for a job makes life just that much easier.

Stick With It

Often times you’ll find yourself putting out a ton of resumes and not getting back any interviews. If that’s the case, it’s time to check your references again, and be sure all of your information and your resume is conveying exactly what you want, and there aren’t any red flags causing you problems.

Otherwise it’s just like anything else, patience and persistence combined with a great resume and a good attitude can get you that job you want, and get you started down that next path the right way.

Now the question is, can you make a great resume yourself or not?

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