Wireless Earphones

Wireless Earphones

Published On June 30, 2016 | By admin | Business

Online reputation management Los Angeles have been contacted by a third party company who sell parts for major audio equipment companies. This company designed wireless earphones which look amazing and have a build quality worthy of a price tag of about $200.00. These earphones are quite small and fit snuggly in your ears with no wires or antennas sticking out. They look like ear pieces the secret service wears but without the cord. The sound for bluetooth enabled earphones are phenomenal and cannot be compared to anything on the market because the labelled price is $45.00 US. According to the manufacturer, these earphones are water and dust resistant. They have a playtime of fifteen hours of continuous use on high volume and for a small device, it packs a punch.

The bass gets balanced into the surrounds of the song which does not overpower the vocals or lead guitars. Since it’s wireless, it was designed primarily for athletic people who love to work out with solid tunes. It is not the best isolator for sound, mainly because it was made for people who work out or go biking, and they need background noise in order to avoid any accidents. For example, if a car or a bus is coming from a blind spot and the cyclist doesn’t acknowledge them, it can end badly. They will however, make the upcoming model with a noise isolating feature but can be turned on or off depending on the situation.

Los Angeles online reputation management realized how useful this product can be for runners or body builders which led them to create a campaign to target them. They filmed a bunch of them trying out the product and giving their unbiased opinion about the product. This was a huge hit within the online community. The company wanted to partner up with amazon in order to sell the products on a larger scale and to get more recognition but that plan didn’t come to fruition because of the terms of the contract they had to sign.

They simply decided to make a site where people can purchase either with credit card or Paypal. The product became quite popular, they started to offer it in different colours because of all the requests. They started slowly sell in some local electronic stores where the people knew the products more than any best buy employee. They wanted a specialized team when it came to selling their products in stores so they can explain every aspect of the product coherently. ORM Los Angeles was quite shocked on how this company gained traction.

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