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The paper industry utilizes Guillotine blades in order to cut paper in large quantities over hundreds or thousands of cuts.  Have a reliable blade is crucial for keeping operations running and product moving.  There are many things to consider when sourcing a supplier.

Some blades are stocked by a distributer, or you many directly seek out a guillotine blade manufacturer who produce blades of different sizes according to their application. The guillotine blades also come in a variety of designs as per your needs. Guillotine blades are manufactured with precision keeping the quality in mind, within a short span of time. The size of blades can vary from razor blade size to 10-foot long, depending upon your need.


Paper cutters vary in size from about 30 centimeters in length for office work to 841 millimeters in design workshops. In order to keep the blade steady while in use the flat edge is usually made heavy.

Larger cutters have a strong compression spring as part of the attachment mechanism that keeps the knife with the stationary edge when the knife is drawn to cut the paper.

The other end of the knife is a handle. The stationary edge of the base on the right side is also made of steel. When the knife is pulled to cut paper it resembles the movement similar to that of a pair of scissors. But here only one knife moves and the other remains stationary instead of two knives moving against each other.

The combination of a blade along with a steady base produces clean and straight cuts. Paper cutters are sometimes used for cutting cardboard and plastic and also thin sheets of metal. The blade of a paper cutter is made of steel due to which it is almost impossible to break.

A different design uses a wheel shaped blade attached to a sliding shuttle. This type of paper cutter is called a rotary paper cutter. Advantages include being able to make curvy cuts or perforations. Rotary paper cutters are also used for precision paper cutting and for cutting photographs.

Guillotine blades are used by a variety of industries like packaging industry, metal cutting, wood industry, food processing, rubber and tire industry.  The blades are manufactured maintaining strict quality standards. You can choose from a wide variety of patterns from smooth edge straight guillotine blade to a straight cut off knife with toothed, serrated, saw tooth forms or more complex tooth forms.

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