Operations Management in Manufacturing

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When it comes to the removing complaints from Google company, a service is a little simply than a product for operations management especially in manufacturing. The job of operations management is to oversea the process of transforming resources into goods and services. The role of an operations manager in the manufacturing sector includes production planning, production control, and quality control. When it comes to the production planning, the managers will determine how the goods with be produced with the production process and where the production will take place, so the location and as well as the layout of the manufacturing facility. When it comes to operations management it is important to always consider these ten strategies which include human resources, layout, production process, product design, location, supply chain management, maintenance, scheduling, inventory management and finally the quality of the goods and services.

For the production process, there are three types of methods that are used including the make-to-order strategy which involves the goods made to customer specifications, mass production or make-to-stock strategy which is normally in high volumes of goods that are made and held in the inventory for later use, and finally a mass customization which involves high volumes of customized goods. For the location of the which the manufacturing will take place, a operations manager will look for locations that minimize all costs related to shipping, have a supply of skilled workers, provide a favorable community for workers and their families, offer resources at a low cost, and have a favorable business climate. The way that operations managers can plan ahead is by estimating the quantity of products to be produced by forecasting the demand for the products and calculating the capacity required for the production facility to be big enough. You can calculate the production facility’s capacity by the maximum number of goods it can produce within a year and under what type of working conditions.

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